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The applications of tungsten carbide

Release time:2020/10/26

There are many different grades of tungsten carbide in the world, like YG6 YG6x YG8 YG10 YG11 YG11C YG13 YG15 YG15C YG20 YG20c YG25 etc. And it’s widely used in hundreds of thousands different industries, see below:

1 wire & cable industry, like drawing nibs, eylet guide etc

2 mould making industry, like heading die, forging die, extrusion mold, ejection mold etc

3 mining industry, like drilling bit, digging bit, rotating bit etc

4 oil & gas industry, like tricon bit buttons, pdc substrate etc

5 wear resistant tools, like VSI crusher, agricultural parts,HPGR studs, nozzles, etc

6 many other related industries, like woodworking, cutting tools, endmills, centrifuge, etc.

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