• Crackers for jaw battery 3M2
  • Crackers for jaw battery 3M2
  • Crackers for jaw battery 3M2

Crackers for jaw battery 3M2


The rusk of the battery (Automatic Drilling Tongs) 3M2 is designed to equip pneumatic drilling tongs designed to unfasten, unscrew and make up drill pipes during tripping operations.
The substrate of the AKB-3M2 rusk is made of rolled steel 40xN2MA, 40MN2A, 40CRNIMO etc.
The comb of AKB-3M2 rusk is made of carbide VK-15,VK-20,VK-20KS,YG15,YG20 etc.

1. More than 20 years’ experience.
2. Common load can be 25tons.
3. ISO9001: 2015 certificate.
4. Feedback within 24 hours
5. Reliable pre-order and after-sale service 
6. Quality guaranty for 1 year.
Grade Equal to ISO Category Number Performance Performance&application recommended
Density G/Cm 3 Bend Strength N/mm 2 Hardness HRA
YG15 K40 14 2800 87.5 For fabricating drawing dies of steel tubesand rods under high 
compressibility ratio;punching,stamping,forging tools under large stress.
YG15C   14 3000 85.5 For oil cone dril bits, for medium soft and medium-hard rocks.
YG20   13.5 3200 85.5 For fabricating of stamping dies for watch parts, spring plates of musical
YG20C   13.5 3300 83.5 Dies for wear resistant or impact resistant application.

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