• Different Shape and Size of Tungsten Carbide Buttons
  • Different Shape and Size of Tungsten Carbide Buttons
  • Different Shape and Size of Tungsten Carbide Buttons

Different Shape and Size of Tungsten Carbide Buttons

The tungsten carbide button is sintered by coarse grained powder, with properties of high hardness and good transverse-rupture strength, as well as corrosion resistance, resistance to acid and alkali.

Our durable carbide buttons with excellent fracture resistance dramatically improve tool life with high penetration rates. The consistent performance and tolerance are mainly attributed to our pure raw materials and strict ISO quality control. All of our carbide buttons are made from virgin raw materials and HIP sintered for the top good quality and high performance. There are various sizes and styles are available here and we can also make the buttons in any new design to meet our customers' requirement. 


1.100% virgin material
2.fast delivery
3.ISO quality control
4.stable and reliable
5.sample available
6.surface polished
7.free online technical service available
8.various grades YK05/YK10/YK20/YK25/YK40 etc
9.various Types: type Q(spherical), type Z(conical), type D(parabolic), type P(flat-top) etc

 Common shape and size see below:

Dimension (mm)
D H SR e ɑ°
8.25 10 4.4 1.5 18
8.25 12 4.4 1.5 18
18.25 27.1 9.2 1.5 18
8.25 12.2 4.4 0.7 30
9.25 14.9 5 0.7 30
10.25 13 5.5 0.7 30
11.3 14 6 0.7 30
12.35 16 6.6 0.7 30
13.35 18 7 0.7 30
14.35 18.1 7.7 0.7 30
16.35 24.6 8.8 0.7 30
20.45 30 11.5 0.7 30
22.45 30 12 0.7 30

 Other various different shape and size buttons

 Recommend grades and specifications:

Grade Density (g/cm3) Hardness (HRA) T.R.S (MPa) Application recommended
YG6 14.95 90.5 1900 For coring crowns, electric coal drill bits, coal cutting picks, oil cone bits and scraping knife bits, used in geological prospecting, coal mining and oil well boring.
YG8 14.8 89.8 2800 Used as a core drill, electric coal drill, coal cutter tooth, oil roller bit and scraper button bit.
YG8C 14.8 89.8 2800 Mainly used for small and medium-sized drill bit tooth, and as a rotating exploration drill bush.
YG11C 14.4 86.5 2700 Most used in the drill bit and rock bit used for cutting high hardness materials ball tooth.
YG13C/YK40 14.2 86 2900 mainly used for rotary drill bit used for cutting high hardness materials in ball mill.
YG15C 14 85 3000 Used in oil cone bit and soft in the hard rock digging cutting tools.
YK05 14.9 90.5 2600 Mostly used as the buttons of small and medium sized bits to cut soft and medium hard formations
YK15 14.6 88 2750 Suitable to strips, conical buttons for rotary percussion-resistant geological prospecting buttons, cut soft and medium hard formations.
YK20 14.5 87.5 2800 Primarily for the buttons and inserts of rotary percussion bits to cut medium-hard and very hard formations,
YK25 14.4 87.2 2550 Primarily for the buttons and inserts of rotary percussion bits to cut medium-hard, hard, and very hard formations

 Application of the tungsten carbide buttons

Tungsten carbide buttons can be used in many different drill bit, as below:

Button bits for coal mining
These tungsten carbide button bits are mainly used for coal mining, coal cutting picks, electric coal drill bits, coal mining cutter picks, roadway excavation, rotary drilling for pile hole, pavement milling. Such as Bob's bit, Rotary bit, Digger button bit and so on.

Carbide button bits for construction
Such carbide button bits are mainly used for bridge pile foundation excavation, tunnel shield, urban road crossing, mining wear parts, high-speed railway, highway maintenance and the like. These products are complex in specification, with wide range of applications, stable and reliable quality.

Carbide button bits for oil-field
This carbide button bits are mainly used for tri-cone drill bits for oil and gas fields excavation and large-scale open-pit mine. And they are made into Tricone bit, PDC bit, horizontal directional drilling system(HDD),with excellent product stability, ensuring the safety and reliability of deep mining.

Mining button bit
These products are mainly used for high and low pressure DTH drill and hydraulic screw-in drill and so on, suitable for hot insert or cold pressing bit inserting process, with some of the materials used in the welding process. These bits are made into DTH hammer Anchor bit, Top hammer, Cluster hammer, and so on.

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